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Arbeiten aus den Jahren 2005 bis 2009

Seminararbeiten Anglistik: Auf dieser Seite findet Ihr einige meiner Arbeiten aus den letzten Jahren: Seminararbeiten aus Anglistik / Amerikanistik: ( 2005 - 2007). Es freut mich , wenn ich Euch damit etwas Input gebe, liebe Grüße. Mehr lesen

Seminararbeiten Genderstudies: Auf dieser Seite findet Ihr einige meiner Arbeiten aus den letzten Jahren: Seminararbeiten aus Gender Studies: ( 2008 - 2009) Mehr lesen

Life is Bitch: Diplomarbeit:  Auszug: In the late 1980s, the journalist Adrian Nicole LeBlanc was on assignment for Rolling Stone Magazine to do a story on the trial of a 22 year old who was, at the time, New York City’s most notorious and legendary drug dealer. Over the course of the trial, she got involved with the culprit’s girlfriend, her family, and friends. Instead of reporting on the flashy gangster Boy George, LeBlanc decided on a different project: the women surrounding Boy George became the protagonists of LeBlanc´s multi-biographical novel Random Family, which anthropologically chronicles the life of the urban poor Puerto Rican women in New York City. The aim of this paper is to highlight the intersection of various types of oppression - classism, racism, and sexism - that the indigent ethnic women in Random Family face in their daily experience. Furthermore, the particularities of the Random Family women’s experience will be set in a wider context of gender- being subject to white supremacist patriarchy as well as to Latino-specific ascribed gender roles, a pan-ethnic identity – being third generation Puerto Rican in New York City, and socio-economic conditions – being working-class. Mehr lesen

„When nothing goes right - go left“


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